Local wildlife

Brush-tail Possum

We’ve had possums in our garden – and often enough in our ceiling space – as long as I can remember, but we don’t see them very often. They are, of course, nocturnal and look for quiet, shadowy places to sleep through the day.

They are Brush-tail Possums, Trichosurus vulpecular, allegedly the most common marsupial in eastern Australia. We get along with them well enough, laughing at the thumps on our roof when they jump down from the trees around the house and grumbling fairly good-naturedly when their territorial battles get too rowdy, but I know some folk don’t. The RSPCA has a page, How can I live happily with the possums on my property?, which may improve homo-trichosurian relationships. (Yes, I made that one up, but I’m sure you can work it out.)

possum in pump box
A tree-hollow would have been better

This young one made a poor choice of sleeping quarters when he (that’s a guess) selected the box which protects our bore-pump from the weather: it would normally be a rather peaceful spot but he was there on the day we watered the garden and it must have been hot and intolerably noisy. I did try to encourage him to go somewhere else but he was too scared to move. He wasn’t there next day, though!

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