Ross Creek mangroves and birds

mangroves with stilt roots in water
Mangroves – not a million miles from the city

One of the nice things about Townsville is the network of parks threading through the suburbs. Some of them seem to have no particular reason for existence until the wet season arrives and they become floodways for a day or two, but the most important network is associated with Ross River: the parkland along its banks is almost continuous from the Dam down to the city, and bike paths run through most of its length.

The city centre, however, is not on the river but on a tidal mangrove creek, Ross Creek, which runs from Hermit Park past the Civic Theatre to the ferry terminal; this map may make the situation clearer. Its inland end looks like it connected to the river not too long ago but the river banks have been built up and the creek now just peters out in parkland.

Between them, the River and Ross Creek are wonderful wildlife corridors between the coast and the inland. Vegetation corridors, too, bringing the rich mangrove eco-systems right into the suburbs. The photo above was taken on the upper end of Ross Creek, where Queens Road crosses it. I stop there often on my way home from the city if I have spare time, because fifty metres from the road might as well be a couple of hundred. My last two visits rewarded me with photos of Brown Honeyeaters, a Great Egret, a flock of Little Black Cormorants and a ding-dong battle between a two crows and a brahminy kite.

small olive-brown bird in branches
Brown Honeyeater in the mangroves
Great Egret taking to the air
Great Egret taking to the air
birds against the sky
Little Black Cormorants

The cormorants were just passing through (this time, anyway – a year ago I saw a similar flock on the ground here) but I was able to watch the other two for much longer. I sat for twenty minutes on a low branch of the mangrove tree which the Brown Honeyeater was treating as his home base, repeatedly flying off and returning to sing; and on my next visit I followed the Egret quite a long way upstream as he fished in the shallows, flew a few metres and resumed fishing.

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