Nature walk with Wildlife Queensland

Ten days ago I joined the local chapter of Wildlife Queensland, aka the Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland, for a Sunday morning walk along the banks of Ross River.

The location was a part of the river I had never visited on foot, across the footbridge from Weir State School, and it was an enjoyable event in its low-key way. The combined knowledge of the group was impressive – plant, bird or bug, someone would have a name for it – and progress was a very gentle amble in consequence.

damselfly on leaf
Damselfly, perhaps Redtail damselfly, Ceriagrion aeruginosum, near Ross River

I was intending to write a full description of the walk and what we saw but our leader has beaten me to it (and saved me the trouble) by posting her account on the WQ site – click here to read it.

WQ’s next field trip will be to Paradise Lagoon, Big Crystal Creek on Sunday March 23 – details are here.

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  1. Thanks for the plug for Wildlife Queensland and its activities. It was a pleasure to have you along. We are very happy for anyone interested in the natural world to join our walks – no matter what level of knowledge or expertise. The idea is to look and learn from each other. In my experience as we learn and understand more about what is around us, our respect deepens, as does our desire to protect and care for this world.

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