Agile wallabies

adult and half-grown wallabies
Mother and child grazing in the long grass

Hervey’s Range was incredibly dry a couple of months ago and the wallabies were desperate enough for green food that they went into gardens for anything that had been watered. The Range has had half a metre of rain since then and the need is not so great but it seems that the habit has persisted. They are still not comfortable with people around, so when I got too close to these two they became alarmed and hopped away.

Adult wallaby standing alertly
The mother assesses the danger.
joey with head in pouch
The joey heads for safety …
joey with head further into pouch
… but doesn’t fit any more …
wallaby mother and joey hop away
… and follows Mum as she hops away.

Rootourism, the best online source I found for checking the facts on the different species of wallabies and kangaroos, confirmed my thought that they were Agile Wallabies, Macropus agilis, with this description:

They have two distinctive head features: a dark stripe down the midline between the ears to the eyes and a light colour cheek-stripe. They also have a distinctive light stripe on the thighs. The margins of the ears and the tail tip are black.

Their range map was another confirmation.

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