Well, that was Winter

Winter officially ended a couple of weeks ago and one week ago I really noticed that it was over: last Thursday and Friday were just enough hotter to be a bit uncomfortable. Nights are now three or four degrees warmer than they have been, around a 19C minimum, and days are around 29 rather than 27 (see BoM daily weather observations); humidity is up a bit, too, and Mount Stuart often has a little cap of cloud in the early morning. Rain? Not yet. Our whole winter was very dry – rainfall from the beginning of June  to the end of August was a meagre 6mm, well down on our average for the period, and we still haven’t had any. We expect to start seeing some rain in October and then increases through November and December to our peak rainfall months of January and February.

Fruiting body of cycad
Fruiting body of cycad

Living things have noticed the change. The trees flowered. Our cycad fruit matured and got ready to drop its seeds. Butterfly numbers ticked upwards noticeably – Clearwing Swallowtail, Cairns Birdwing, UlyssesEggfly, Crow, Migrant and Chocolate Soldier have all been flitting around the garden. For my part, I cleaned out the swimming pool, checked the water and jumped in for a (quick) swim, my first since about Easter.

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