Alternatives to invasive garden plants

flyer for "grow me instead"

“Grow Me Instead” aims to reduce the impact of invasive garden plants on our environment and is a joint initiative of the nursery industry and the federal government. Their cards (above) were being handed out at Eco-fiesta but their website is more useful to us now the fiesta is finished for the year.

The home page introduces the programme and presents a clickable map taking the visitor to their home state and to their region within it. There they find a list of problematic plants … quite an illuminating, convincing and embarrassing one in my case, since the dry tropics list of 30 plants includes at least half a dozen which have proven themselves to be nuisances in my own garden. I am forever ripping out Black-eyed Susan and Coral Bells, for instance. It’s not all bad, however: we found a garden full of Mother-in-law’s Tongue when we arrived and have now eliminated them almost entirely. But this is a valuable programme and a website I will be revisiting, perhaps for quite a while. Their “Links” page is good, too.

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