Whale wars: they are at it again

Sea Shepherd founder Paul Watson says Japanese whalers illegally harpooned a large minke whale near the Davis Research Base yesterday. The base is inside Australia’s Antarctic territory.

Mr Watson says when they tried to stop the carcass from being transferred from the harpooning ship onto another vessel, the whalers attempted to ram their boat. “They came in so close, they tried to ram the Bob Barker so it backed off but I don’t think they are going to try that again,” he said.

Opposition environment spokesman Greg Hunt says the Government needs to send a Customs vessel to the area before the situation escalates. …

This year the Japanese government has been forced to prop up its whaling program with taxpayer-funded subsidies. …

That’s from the ABC last week and it describes just the latest round of an annual event – Whale Warriors, which I reviewed when it appeared in 2008, covers the 2005/06 season (the review is now here). I just wish all sides could be reasonable: that the Japanese could admit they have no real reason to keep hunting whales, that the Australian government could be firm about its territorial waters and that Sea Shepherd could go home and relax … and start planning to tackle other issues, if they like.

This link will take you to the ABC’s latest news on Sea Shepherd.

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