Service interruption

Green Path was taken off-line by my host over Christmas because traffic to the site exceeded the bandwidth I pay them for. It is (very obviously) back on-line now.

I would love to be able to say that you, my real readers, were responsible for the high usage but, sadly and irritatingly, it wasn’t true. Robots crawl around the web harvesting content for purposes both good (e.g. identifying content for search engines) and bad (e.g. grabbing email addresses for spammers’ lists), and the latter were responsible for the excess. Now that I know about the problem I can control it by blocking specific users so we might be all right from now on.

One thought on “Service interruption”

  1. Green Path was off-line briefly again on Dec 30-31 for the same reason – sorry – but I will be more pro-active in dealing with the crawlers in future. The good news, I guess, is that I am learning more about the machinery underneath the pretty interface of WordPress.

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