What’s around – mid November 2012

small fawn moth on leaf
When there are so few insects in the garden, even these dull grass moths get their portraits taken

Just to show how little has changed (again!), I will recycle last month’s report, showing the alterations:

I have been away for much of the time pretty busy since my last monthly survey of insect life in my garden but so little has changed that this is still a very easy report to write. We have had less than 1mm only ten millimetres of rain in the last month so everything in the garden, having recovered from the abundance of nectar when the trees flowered, has gone back into has remained in maintenance mode, i.e. most of our usual species are around but only in small numbers. The only changes I’ve noticed since last month are that we now have a few Migrants and Pale Triangles among the butterflies and some Blue-banded Bees amongst the wasps and bees more sightings of the Ulysses and hover-flies but even fewer sap-suckers. Everything is still hanging out for some real rain.

This time last year we had been drier and hotter for a while and grassfires were a worry more spiders and bees but the story was otherwise similar.

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