Yellow Albatross

Yellow and dark brown butterfly perching on leaf
Yellow Albatross

I have been steadily photographing insects in my garden for nearly four years now, so I know most of the residents and regular visitors apart from the very small ones. A new large butterfly is, therefore, noteworthy.

This Yellow Albatross, Appias paulina ega, is the first of the species I have photographed. I am not at all sure that it is the first I have seen in my garden, however, because they are very similar to others in the family (Pieridae).

Yellow Albatross females, like this one, are very easily mistaken for the Caper Gull. Males are white above, with a few darker markings, and yellow beneath, and can be mistaken for our common Lemon Migrant. Wingspan is about 50mm.

Now that I know these are around, I will look at all of them more carefully.

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