Eurema, mating

Sometimes it seems unfair, sometimes it seems like poetic justice for being too sure of yourself: you write something like ‘still no Eurema butterflies’ and take it public on your blog, then you walk outside and see not one but two Eurema butterflies, and they are busily making even more little yellow butterflies. Can’t complain too much, though – they waited for a photo:

small yellow Eurema butterflies mating
Eurema butterflies mating

They are noticeably smaller than the majority of our common butterflies (e.g. Crow, Chocolate Soldier or Eggfly) but larger than the little Zebra Blues which hang around the plumbago bushes.

These butterflies are difficult to identify down to species level and I have fallen into the habit of just thinking of them all as ‘Eurema’, which is the genus they belong to. I know they are either E. alitha or E. hecabe but the two species are very similar to each other and, to add to the difficulty, their coloration is seasonally variable. With those caveats, I will say I think these two are E. alitha, dry season form, with the male above.

The fact that they are dry-season form may be an indication of just how little rain we have been getting.

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