The Wet is here

After last night I am sure the Wet is here. We had a cracker of a thunderstorm in the small hours – say 2.30 to 4.00 – which made us wander round the house closing windows and unplugging computers and so on, and flooded our banana plantation. It overflowed our little rain-gauge, so we must have had more than 60 mm.*

It follows a good storm in the evening of last Sunday (only 10 – 20 mm but a great light-show), 60 mm in three days a week earlier (which cancelled ‘Carols By Candlelight’), and 15 mm in the last week of November, all adding up to more rain than we have had altogether in the previous seven months. In between the downpours we’ve had very hot days, 32 – 35C, and hot nights, going down to 24 – 26C, with constant high humidity.

The only surprise about all this is that it has arrived almost a month later than normal – but the variability of the monsoon’s timing is itself normal, so it’s not a big surprise.

* P.S. The official figure, for the airport, is 92 mm in the 24 hours to 9.00 this morning.

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