During the last week I have finally found time to catch up – a little – on sorting photos I took earlier in the year. I have been uploading some to my Flickr page (it will open in a new window if you click on the link, so that you can flip back and forth; otherwise, just follow individual links below) but I’ll put the prettiest one here:

Cairns Birdwing butterfly feeding on ixora
Female Cairns Birdwing butterfly feeding on ixora

The least attractive photo – but an interesting critter – is of a giant crane-fly, a spindly ceature with a wingspan of over 50 mm but a body weight of nearly nothing. While we’re on Diptera (the family which includes crane-flies), here is a tiny midge which I mistook for a mosquito. It’s antennae are amazing!

I have uploaded quite a few spiders, too: a large dark one that I thought was a Wolf Spider but I’m told is a Huntsman, a St Andrew’s Cross Spider with bundled prey, a pretty little White Flower Spider with a leg span of about 7 mm (that’s not too scary, is it?), and a Lynx, another tiny ambush hunter. The St Andrew’s Cross, as it happens, is the only orb-weaver (i.e. one that makes a wheel-shaped web) amongst them.

There are plenty more images to come – it’s just a matter of finding time to sort and identify them. When I started photographing insects in my garden I had no idea how many there were!

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