The oil crunch

The ABC’s Catalyst is a regular part of my (limited) TV viewing and last night’s programme was exceptionally good, tackling an important subject intelligently and entertainingly.

The topic? Peak Oil, the idea that global oil production has to decline after all the easily-extractable oil is exploited. Some experts think the peak was in 2006, others claim we haven’t reached it yet, but the consequences are going to be challenging either way: much higher oil prices forcing enormous economic, and hence social, changes. (Did someone say ‘collapse’?)

The good news is that the programme is available online, with some bonuses as well.*Β Searching the net for ‘Peak Oil’ will get you a lot more, not all of it deadly serious:

peakOilTruck cartoon
100 years or 100 days… either way I’ve got my new peak oil truck ready.

* Update, 29.5.19: The programme is no longer available so I have removed the link.

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